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Making an event a personalized experience for both you and your guests is our priority – that’s why we are always on the lookout for special and unique opportunities to share. Our current obsession is in the form of a local couple and their super cool customizable tipis and carts. Meet Zac & Jordan of Go West Event Rentals and their luxury Tipi restrooms, a drink and snack cart imported from Rome, and a rustic horse trailer bar.

Go West Event Rentals has been in business here in the valley for over 4 years, offering fun and unusual event rentals that can be customized for each event. They kicked everything off with their custom-made Tipis that can be used as lounges, decor, and even luxury bathrooms (Zac designed and fabricated restrooms to fit inside)!

More recently, Go West Event Rentals has been busy adding more awesome and unique things to their inventory. The Jackalope Horse Trailer Bar was rented by Woody Creek Distillers as a specialty cocktail bar, and has been used to display party favors. The Vino Alpino Piaggio Bar Car was rented by Whispering Angel to display their Rosé during the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen, and in the winter, cookies and hot cocoa were served with Aztech Mountain Performance Ski as a special holiday treat. Go West Events also offers full vinyl wraps to promote your brand or product.

We sat down to learn a bit more about Zac & Jordan and Go West Event Rentals, check out how that convo went below!

A Convo with Zac & Jordan of Go West Event Rentals

Q: Tell us a little more about you, Zac & Jordan, the faces behind the business. Why did you start Go West Event Rentals?

We’ve have been married since 2012. Zac was born and raised in Aspen and Jordan was an event planner in Aspen for over 10 years. Together, we saw a need for a different kind of event rental business and so we strive to keep adding new, unique items to our inventory every year.  

Q: Where did the idea come from to convert a horse trailer and Piaggio into unique event offerings? What’s the story behind the Jackalope Horse Trailer Bar and Vino Alpino Piaggio Bar Car?

We imported the Piaggio Ape from Rome. After seeing photos of them in Europe, we saw they had been converted into bar carts and prosecco vans, and we thought that Aspen needed one too! So we imported it, welded and painted it, and added the wood finish. We also added a special tap system so we could also use it as a drink cart. 

The horse trailer bar started as a vintage horse trailer from the Delta area. She got welded, painted and finished out as well.

Q: So you’ve done a lot of work to renovate and restore these for their current use. Did you work on them yourselves? 

Yes! Jordan comes up with the general design, Zac does a lot of the work himself, and we outsource certain jobs like welding and painting to trusted friends and vendors. Zac also built the restrooms in the Tipis with help from a good friend who owns a plumbing business.

Q: What are some of the things you can have featured on the cart or trailer at an event? 

Anything from wine and desserts to cocktails and snacks! Pretty much any beverages, grab and go food, or even swag items and products – we would love to hear your ideas!

Q: Do you have a ‘dream’ set up of the cart or trailer?

We only care about making each client’s dream come true! We are truly open to customizing our products to meet the needs of our client, whether that’s a full vinyl wrap to promote a product or personal styling to make a bride and groom’s dream wedding a reality.

Q: What about the Tipis? Where did those come from and what do they offer?

The Tipis can be used as restrooms, lounges, décor, and more. We had the Tipis custom made and Zac designed and fabricated  restrooms to fit inside for a luxury outdoor restroom setup. The Tipis can also be used as lounges and décor, and can be set up without the canvas (just the Tipi poles) for a unique element. The Tipi cocoon hammocks are a cozy place to rest and take in the scenery. 

Q: What new things should we look forward to as you are building your inventory?

We have a couple of Airstream trailers that we are currently converting into mobile bars. We also have a bicycle that will be equipped with a cooler to serve anything from ice cream to oysters to beer on tap! In addition, we are also working on a small collection of vintage furniture to use in our Tipi and stretch tent lounges.

Q: What can clients expect when working with Go West Event Rentals?

Since Jordan spent many years as an event planner, we understand we are just one vendor in an event with a lot of moving parts. We want to make working together as easy as possible – whether it’s being flexible about set-up time or doing our best to accommodate last minute requests.  

In addition, we know that your event is about you, not us! We want our products to add to your event, so you won’t find our logo on any of our rental items, and we make everything as customizable as possible so it can be personalized to your event.

Connect with Go West Event Rentals

If you are interested in featuring one of Go West Event Rentals’ unique additions to your event, let us know – we would love to connect you with our friends Zac & Jordan! You can also connect with them by emailing, calling 970-309-1443 or by following them on Instagram at @GoWestEventRentals.

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