Take it from us – party planning is a lot of work

A Checklist

Take it from us – party planning is a lot of work. Even just a house party can feel overwhelming. We get it. That’s why we created this House Party Planning Checklist.

A good rule of thumb is to start with the need-to haves and then move on to the nice-to-haves. For example, you need to have chairs, though it would be nice to have chairs with cushions and name tags.

And please… don’t forget that a perfect party does not exist. It really doesn’t. A fun party that creates amazing memories though? That absolutely does exist. Here’s where to start:


Define the Party:

What’s the reason for the party? (birthday, engagement, holiday)

When will the party be?

How many people will you invite?

What type of party will it be? (dinner, brunch, cocktail)


Initial Logistics:

Mark a date

Make a list of people to invite

Send out invitations (with an RSVP-by date)

Plan a menu (including drinks and cocktails!)



From your RSVPs, make a list of how many people you will need to have place settings, napkins, and food for

Decide where your food will come from (Will it be catered? Will you make it? What can you make ahead of time? What can you buy from the bakery? What can you have your friends bring?)

Make a list of equipment needed (tables, chairs, heaters, linens)

Plan music

Plan lighting

Plan decorations (centerpieces, florals, candles)

Gather supplies (cooler, trash bags, gas for heaters or grill, beverages, cocktail garnishes, salt and pepper, cream and sugar, cocktail napkins, dishwashing soap, club soda)


Day of Party:

Pick up ice

Clean the house (put away anything that could easily break or that has too much sentimental value to part with)

Set the table or plan the buffet line flow (plates, napkins, cups, name tags, silverware)

Shower, change, and delegate out any last minute tasks that did not get done

Lastly, set the food and drinks out (don’t forget to throw the drinks over ice!)
Good luck! 




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