Winter Edition

Picture this: fresh, sparkling snow, cozy warm drinks, stunning gold plates and elegant fur wraps tightly hugging each chair. We can’t think of many settings more magical to host an event than a personalized winter wonderland.

Winter is the perfect time to gather friends and family to celebrate special occasions. We’ve addressed all of your frequently asked questions to point you in the right direction to make sure your event is a success.

Can you tent a winter event?

  • Absolutely! It may be more difficult to accomplish than a summer wedding but it’s definitely possible.

What happens if the ground is frozen and I want to put a tent up?

  • No worries, our stakes will penetrate almost any surface. If not, we have other options to secure a tent as well.

Do you have heaters?

  • Yes, we have both forced-air heaters that can heat the inside of tented spaces as well as patio heaters that are used outside of enclosed areas.

Do the heaters actually keep the space warm?

  • Keep in mind that heaters will keep the space warm, but if you’re dealing with negative temperatures, you may find the tent might not be 80 degrees inside. It will definitely be warmer than outside, though!

How do I ensure my guests stay warm?

  • In addition to the heaters, a more intimate seating arrangement can help use body heat to keep your guests cozy and warm.

Can I do an outdoor ceremony in the winter?

  • Of course! Tented or not, ceremonies are always relatively quick. You can put a tent over your guests or offer fur wraps as well as use patio heaters for the ceremony. It will be beautiful!

What if it snows on top of my tent rental?

  • Premier Party Rental recommends that if a tent is put up in the winter, heaters are run from the time of installation to the time of breakdown to avoid the buildup of snow. We will manage snow removal and propane tank replacements on the heaters to make sure the roof if clear.

With the help of Premier Party Rental, your one-of-a kind winter event will be a hit. It’s a truly magical experience that’ll have you and your guests walking in a winter wonderland. If you’re considering a winter event and have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Photos from Our Fabulous Winter Events

Photography by Max and Friends, Bryce Covey, and Premier Party Rental | See more on Green Wedding Shoes

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